Thank you to all our customers, our friends, our volunteers, and our family for the many years of support. Cheers !!

Toucan Wines is our estate micro-winery and 3 1/2 acre vineyard project hidden in the Arroyo Grande Valley foothills. Here, we hand-crafted, estate grown premium Zinfandel and Petite Sirah wines, as well as old vine Carignane grown in the Evangelho Vineyard. 

Small by any standard, Toucan Wines has always focused on quality - it was our limited production and attention to detail that sets our wines apart. Our winery and estate vineyard, located next to our family home, produced full-bodied and richly flavored wines taking full advantage of what our old-clone vines and our microclimate have to offer.

The 2013 vintage produced our final wines and in 2017 we removed our 3 1/2 acre vineyard and we've begun a process of restoring the land to a natural state. We hope you continue to enjoy our wines with food, family and friends.

All our best, Doug and Terrie.



Toucan Wines 1992-2021